Since there are a lot of printer brands and models in the market, getting a printer that suits your needs can be a complex task. But not anymore! Here in INK All-You-Can, we have picked the most reliable printer brands and model that can address all your printing needs! From single function to multi-function printers, there’s surely one printer for you.

Note that a single function printer is a printer that can only print photos and documents, while multi-function printer can do more than printing. It also works as scanner and photocopier. Choose the right printer based on your needs.

Each printer package comes with a built-in INK All-You-Can System especially designed for a particular brand so all you need to do is plug in your printer to your PC and start unlimited printing right away! Not only that, your Printer Package also includes 6-month Printer & Service Warranty for a more pleasurable and worry-free printing experience!

Key Advantages

  • Say goodbye to expensive cartridges and save up to 96% on your ink & printing cost!
  • Enjoy printing thousands of pages right away because the ink system comes with 400ml of ink (equivalent to ~40 original cartridges).
  • Refill the CISS conveniently by simply pouring the ink to the external ink tanks. There’s no need to wait for a printer technician to do it for you
  • Get a worry-free printing because we will cover both the Ink All-You-Can System + Printer warranty for 6 months!

How Much You Can Save!

Enjoy the huge savings below simply by using the Ink All-You-Can System.
Black printP 2.50150-200P 0.101,500 - 2,50096%
Colored printP 5.00200 - 300P 0.202,000 - 3,00096%
4R printP 21.0050 - 100P 0.75500 - 1,00096%
A4 printP 75.0025 - 30P 3.00250 - 30096%

Ideal Users

The Ink System is ideal for students, offices, internet cafes, and printing businesses who don’t have a printer yet or those people with printers not compatible with Ink All-You-Can. We often advise that print multiple pages per day. It can slash the cost of print from P2.50 down to P0.10 per page or up to 96% savings!

Getting a printer package from us is also ideal for those people who are first-time users of CISS.

Click on the link below to check out all our Printer Packages to learn more.


The prices of Ink All-You-Can System ranges from P6,000 – P9,000, depending on the type of bundled printer (e.g. printer only or with scanner + copier + fax).

Please see the available bundled printer models:

Canon iP2772 Printer Package (Single function)

Printer ModelCanon iP2772 with INK All-You-Can System
Ink Cartridge NumberPG-40 and CL-41 / PG-810 and CL-811
ColorsCMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
Free Ink400ml (100ml each color)
Package PricePhp 6,000
Warranty6 months on the printer and system
(ink cartridges are NOT included)

Canon MP-287 Printer Package (Multi-function)

Printer ModelCanon MP287 w/ INK All-You-Can System
Ink Cartridge NumberPG-810 and CL-811
ColorsCMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
Free Ink400ml (100ml each color)
Package PricePhp 7, 500
Warranty6 months on the printer and system
(ink cartridges are NOT included)

Brother MFC-J220 Printer Package ( Multi-function )

Printer ModelBrother MFC-J220 w/ INK All-You-Can System
Ink Cartridge NumberLC 39
ColorsCMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
Free Ink400ml (100ml each color)
Package PricePhp 9, 500
Warranty6 months on the printer and system
(printer head is NOT included)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between converting a printer and buying a printer package that is already converted to Ink All-You-Can System?

    Buying a printer package from us is more convenient especially for those people who are first-time users of CISS. First of all, we will be able to help you assess which printer is right for you. Do you want a printer only or with scanner/copier? Are you printing more documents or photos? Are you going to use it for occasional printing or for heavy printing? Is speed of printing going to be an issue? How many people are going to use it? These are just some of the things that we need to understand in order to recommend that right printer for you.

    More importantly, when you buy a bundled printer with Ink All-You-Can System, we will cover the warranty on both the printer and the Ink All-You-Can System, unlike printer conversion only where we cover the warranty of the Ink All-You-Can System only.

  2. What is included in the Printer Package?

    The INK All-You-Can System includes the following:
    1. Dual-Protection Ink Tanks Dual Protection Ink Tanks Our Ink tanks do not break easily and the constant pressure promotes quality printing all the time
    2. 400ml Dye Inks Top quality and brand-specific inks (not generic) using the Ink Precision Technology (iPT). We only use inks powered by IPT, that's why the printout is comparable to original cartridges.   In addition, our inks do not form any residue which causes printhead clogging.
    3. Highly flexible silicon tubes Ultraflex Technology for silicon tubes We only use Ultraflex silicon tubes technology which allows smoother movement of cartridges during printing, without blocking the path of the printerhead.
    4. Brand New Printer Guaranteed Brand New Printer When you purchase a bundled printer from us, you are assured that we will give you a sealed and “never-been-opened” printer. We also do test prints to make sure that the installation is successful and that the printer is working superbly.
    5. Six Months Warranty Documented Warranty Form We offer full six (6) months of Real Warranty Service with every purchase of ink system! We will cover both parts and service within the warranty period for FREE. Other ink players only offer pseudo warranty (i.e. claiming the printer manufacturer’s warranty as their own) and without any documented warranty form.
    6. Lifetime Service Serialized Ink System for Lifetime Service We are the only company who offer serialized CISS for easier monitoring of our Lifetime Service Guarantee. Each serial number is activated upon purchase and is automatically enrolled to our Lifetime Service Guarantee. Just bring your ink system to any branch near you, and have our technical experts fix it for you at no extra cost. In case some printer parts need to be replaced, you only pay for the parts and the labor is absolutely FREE.

Read more FAQs about Ink All-You-Can System.

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