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Ever had an instance where you have a technical issue and needs to repair ASAP? Or was there a time you needed to bring the printer to the nearest Ink All-You-Can immediately but doesn’t have the time to do so? Ever had an important document to print, but there is a technical concern at hand?

No more worries! Ink-All-You-Can’s dedication to customer service takes it to a new level! Introducing Ink All-You-Can Do-It-Yourself Online Tech Support - a simple and helpful service that is available 24/7 online via IAYC website to address basic technical issue that usually occurs when printing photos or documents. The IAYC DIY Tech Support contains a wide array of self-help articles that will help user troubleshoot the problem and conduct basic fixes that are as easy as 1-2-3!

Simply input the necessary details such as printer model and the printer problem and the suggested article will be provided in an instant.  IAYC technical team ensures that the details & instructions are simple, accurate easy to understand.  Articles also provide recommendations on how to avoid the problem in the future.

Explore it now. Go to to learn more.


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