Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! Ink All-You-Can commemorates it’s Filipino roots

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Ink All-You-Can is a pure Filipino brand. And as a very popular saying goes, “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan." And what event showcases our Filipino roots than our very own Independence day.

Here in IAYC, we consider ourselves as members of a very big family, and what family is without any pasiklaban , and of course in a friendly sense. We encouraged our branches to have a contests within themselves, with a general theme of “Araw ng Kalayaan”. Each branch has been tasked to redecorate their stalls and spaces, for almost two weeks(June 1 – 12). And at the very special day itself, we have tasked them to wear their very own Kalayaan costume for the sake of celebration.

Of course, what is a competition without any winners and prizes?

Here are the top winners of the said contest:

Store Dress-Up contest

1st place: Ink All-You-Can SM Davao ( Branch head: Adrian Asma)

Showcasing wonderful printouts of our former presidents, it made us look back in our rich history. Great job IAYC Davao!


With elegant paint job and arrangement, IAYC Davao showcased their creative talents and our Filipino pride.

2nd place: Ink All-You-Can SM Masinag ( Branch head: Chister Santos)

Simplicity is always a beauty. Using just simple decorations and color palletes, IAYC Masinag made a proud statement.


3rd  place: Ink All-You-Can SM Sta. Rosa ( Branch head: Reynan Caputian)

Colorful strokes, impressive printouts and sun decorations make this our third pick for the best store dress up. 

We have considered the amount of effort needed to make those sun symbols, and it highly symbolizes the Filipino spirit.

Costume Winner:

Grand Winner – SM San Lazaro (Menchu Nastor)

We Congratulate Menchu for being to pull off that "saya" costume at work. A lot of our customers appreciated our effort for the special occasion as well!

The real essence of being a Filipino: Being in a family and community as one.

With the said event, we are reminded of the great essence of having freedom in our hands. We are very thankful for our cooperative employees and their camaraderie. Both the IAYC personnel and customers had  a great time with the fun and intuitive dress-ups and the way IAYC celebrates our Filipino roots. Not only do we give 101% customer service and satisfaction, but we also know how to celebrate meaningful events. 

Mabuhay from Ink All-You-Can!



Christian Bautista renews contract with Ink All-You-Can

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Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista has made bold moves the past months and engaged in projects that stretch his artistry. Acknowledging the singer’s unparalleled dedication to his craft, Ink-All-You-Can continues to support the singer in all his endeavors.

Last November 28, Christian Bautista represented the Philippines in the ASEAN-Japan Music Festival – Music For Healing After The Earthquake, which hoped to deliver hope and courage through music to all those affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The festival held at the NHK Hall in Shibuya Japan was attended by 4010 people, and was aired over at NHK Channel.

The international singer performed his original song Invincible and his version of the current hit Titanium.

Christian is currently seen on GMA’s Sunday All Stars, and has just released a special single Paskong Pilipino, his collaboration with brothers Jordan and Joshua.

Christian is also set to start work on a new album under Universal Records.

 “I am very glad that my endeavors are being supported by brands like Ink-All-You-Can,” says Christian during his press conference for the contract renewal with Ink All-You-Can last December 10. “It inspires me to continue to hone my craft, and to dream bigger dreams.”

"Christian Bautista has helped establish Ink All-You-Can as the trusted brand for printer consumables in the country since January 2010," said Jerry Ilao, Ink All-You-Can's President. "With our partnership, we were able to increase brand awareness and share the good news of unlimited printing to more customers. We look forward for more projects together with Christian."

Recent IAYC projects include:

  • Ink Colors - These are limited edition personalized designs for Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) tanks that gives up to 96% savings on printing cost. Another FIRST from Ink All-You-Can, Ink Colors dresses up the usual and boring ink system tanks with a hip and cool design that speaks for personality. Customers can choose from 5 trendy styles, bringing more life to their printing experience.
  • Now Open for Franchise - Ink All-You-Can opens its doors to interested entrepreneurs who want to own a fulfilling business. With IAYC Franchise, both starting and experienced entrepreneurs can venture into an exciting and stable business with fast ROI and reliable technical and business support. For interested parties, you may visit the Ink All-You-Can website at
  • Digital Loyalty Card powered by Perxclub - The exclusive customer membership program that lets the company's 'suki' receive perks such as member-only discounts and freebies. With the launch of the Ink All-You-Can Loyalty Program, customers can collect digital stamps and get rewards like FREE Refills and P100 discount voucher using their smartphones through the Perxclub Rewards App (  The Perxclub App is available for FREE in the App Store and Play Store.

Happy Customers Extend Their Commendations for Ink All-You-Can this August

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Ink All-You-Can continues to seek many ways in serving our 'bosses' in one way or another. Be it rain or shine, there is surely an IAYC staff who's willing to serve you from whatever branches you may go.


This August, IAYC customers congratulates Retail Ink Specialist (RISs) and Branch Development Executives (BDEs) from SM Bacoor, SM San Lazaro, SM Pampanga etc. for a job well done inspite of heavy weather that affected Metro Manila and Central Luzon.



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BUSINESS MIRROR: Unlimited Reasons to Print

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As seen in Business Mirror, Tuesday, July 9, 2013 – Digital Life

GONE are the days when printing documents and pictures would cost an arm and a leg. Thanks to a company like Ink All-You-Can, a continuous ink supply system provider, you can have multiple copies of documents and have high-quality photographs right before your eyes.

“It was very costly before to print using computer printers. The price of both color and black ink cartridges would almost equal that of the price of your brand new printer,” says Nelson Dizon, Ink All-You-Can’s head of marketing. A t that time, there were ink refilling stations that would cater to practical users but there would be hitches, like poor quality of ink refills and the dangers they pose to computer printers.

It was in October 2005 that the technology behind the Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) was introduced in the Philippines. “Soon enough, our people were able to learn the technology developed early that year and we brought it here. We were the first company to provide CISS in the Philippines,” adds Dizon.

Ink All-You-Can’s CISS can be used in most computer printer brands. “The advantage of using CISS is that one cartridge is equivalent to 40 cartridges or 400ml, or 100ml for each of the four colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Compared with buying ink refill cartridges by piece, you can save up to 96% in printing costs,” Dizon explains. “It practically brought down printing expenses from P2 per page to only 10 cents.” Users also don’t have to worry about the quality since Ink All-You-Can’s Ink Precision Technology makes sure that the ink is very comparable to the original ink used by these printer brands.

At the time CISS was introduced in 2005, there was some hesitation on the part of the buying public. After the customers saw the huge savings that they can get, the reception toward the new printing technology became warmer, especially for big users like school, companies and internet and computer shops, and even to personal users.

“Those who doubted the efficiency of the CISS has their worries thrown when they were able to produce themselves the effectiveness and usefulness of Ink All-You-Can’s technology.” In fact, many if these companies who used to rely on original ink and even refilled ink cartridges spent an average of P20, 000 a month. After investing on the CISS for their operations, their cost went down to only P1, 000 monthly.

Some of Ink All-You-Can’s major corporate clients include major mall and real estate developer, chain of hotels, Internet Cafes and an auditing firm, among others. They also have clients from the academe like private schools, colleges and universities, that print voluminous copies of documents, test papers and school-related handouts and lectures.

This year, Ink All-You-Can is introducing its new Ink All-You-Can Colors, a stylish on its most trusted product. “Ink All-You-Can Colors come in five stylish designs, making it more appealing when you have it attached to your printers,” Dizon says. Each of the designs would also make good collectible, while providing the same quality ink that its base of 100,000 customers have bought for many years now.

Ink All-You-Can is also opening its Unli-Ink Plans to businesses who would like to avail [yourself] of their ink services. “If you avail of any of our monthly subscription plans [starting at P3,000/month], we will provide you printers for rent. That also includes maintenance and unlimited ink. We also provide laser printer toner refill and management for those who want to avail them,” he added.

INK All-You-Can celebrates good times this summer!

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It’s the time of the year for everyone to soak up and have fun under the sun. And Ink All-You-Can start off the summer with genuine excitement and smiles on their faces as they went to the beautiful beaches of Nasugbu, Batangas last March 27-28, 2013.

The 2-day company summer event entitled Summer UBE (Ultimate Bonding Experience) 2013 was joined by over 100 employees including branch Retail Ink Specialists and officers who together enjoyed fun-filled and team-building activities such as tug-of-war and obstacle course. Others took pleasure in beach volleyball, karaoke singing and simply enjoying the serenity of the place by walking along the shore with friends.

The night was then spent with some wholesome party and friendly talent competition that showcased the beauty and wit to all participating employees. The evening events completed the day and brought laughter and amazement to all.

Going home with new memories to cherish, the IAYC family is empowered to work harder and achieve greater results as one team. 

Ink All-You-Can Gives Back to Homeless Kids this Christmas

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Christmas is for the children! That is why the INK All-You-Can team did not let the Yuletide Season pass without giving a little but heartfelt surprises to some homeless yet cheerful children.

Most of these children were rescued from the unsafe streets of Rizal province, some abandoned by their parents; some left their homes for personal reasons.

The team conducts blissful interactions through games, fun activities and surprises. The team also provides exciting school supplies, toys and some stuff that kids can use.

“It was a perfect way to celebrate Christmas”, uttered Ms. Rio when asked how she feels about the activity.

The day ended with the kids’ favorite meal from a leading quick-service restaurant. It was also followed with a cheerful dancing and singing as the kids showcase their talents to their visitors.

The team left the shelter with smiles on their faces as they see how their small blessings touch the children’s lives even for short period of time.

Winners for the "What is Your Ink All-You-Can Story", Announced

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Last December, INK All-You-Can announces the winners for the “What’s Your Ink All-You-Can Story?” promo during the annual Christmas Event held at Shang-rila Hotel. From over a hundred entries nationwide, 10 inspiring stories of dedication and success were hand-picked by the IAYC judges. This promo encourages customers to share their stories of hardships and success.

INK All-You-Can believes in Filipino’s aspiration towards individual achievement, family values and entrepreneurial success. IAYC continues to support these stories of endeavor by continually producing high quality products and services that improves our way of life, making everyday a colorful story that can last a lifetime.

All winners receive 6 months of ink supply (bottled ink or refill) plus an exclusive Christmas Gift Basket. The Top 3 winners receive additional major prizes: Rodel Lintag and Anita Dilao took home a brand new HP1006 Laser Printer each, while the grand winner Mae Theresa Domingo received a CANON 6300 Laser Printer.

Here are their stories.

More Ink, More Customers! By Jirral Morado

Jirral Morado owns a computer shop. Since she decided to have her printer converted to IAYC System, her business became more profitable than before. She noticed the print outs produced with IAYC ink are of high-quality and her production cost decreased. Because of this, she was able to lower down her printing price which eventually brought her more new customers. In addition, she was also able to purchase a multi-function printer which can do more than just printing. Now her business also offers scanning and photocopying as well.

Instant Hassle-Free By Lovely Cruz

Lovely Mickey Cruz and her sister often complain about their printer. It’s always giving them headache and inconvenience. So one day, they thought of getting a CISS provider. They went to a nearby INK All-You-Can branch to inquire. After they understood how IAYC works and the benefits they can get from using it, they have decided to convert their printer into IAYC System immediately. Now, they don’t suffer from an unstable printer anymore. Since they got IAYC System around, printing experience has never been hassle-free.

Loyal Through the Years By Marissa Marino

Marissa Marino has been a loyal IAYC Customer since 2010. She recalls that IAYC’s excellent customer service and the quality of its products made her stay as an avid IAYC user. For almost 3 years now, Marissa never had any major problem with Ink All-You-Can. She would like to recognize the IAYS staff’s courtesy and attentiveness in dealing with her issues and concerns. She promised that as long as she’s happy with IAYC, she will always be a faithful consumer.

Ink Bless You By Vilma Ducut

Being in Parish Office requires a reliable printer and ink in producing administrative documents such as Baptismal Certificates. That is why Vilma Ducut is happy to have an IAYC printer package in their office. She’s impress how their printer with IAYC System works well with their papers and documents at a very affordable price. She says IAYC is like a blessing from heaven.

IAYC, You Color My World By Rodel Lintag, Pampanga

Rodel Lintag loves to take photos of his family, especially during unguarded happy moments. With his digital camera, he can freely print photos whenever he wants. But like most original manufacturer ink users, buying original inks is such a big deal with its cost and limited number of print outs. So it’s like a breath of fresh air when Rodel finally discovered INK All-You Can. With IAYC, he was able to print more photos while spending less. He’s also satisfied with the way his photos are printed. Rodel sure is staying with INK All-You-Can.

Your Neighbor’s Wise Wife by Anita Dilao

As a plain housewife, Anita Dilao thought of making use of her time while staying at home to take care of her family. So she decided to put up a small Internet Café in their neighborhood. It all started well at first until the competition came in. A couple of their neighbor s also began their own Internet Café just within their community. The demand production broke down her Internet Café’s printer. She went out to purchase a brand new printer with pre-installed CISS in INK All-You-Can. Since then, she noticed that her business is becoming more lucrative. Her customers are always satisfied with their prints at more affordable cost. She’s happy to beat their neighborhood’s business competition wisely.

The Old Printer Buddy by Isagani Santos

Isagani Santos was struggling to choose the right printer with cheaper ink replacement. He regrets on buying a printer with minimal print production. When he found out INK All-You-Can, he took his old printer with him and went to an IAYC branch for CIS conversion. Unfortunately, his old printer couldn’t work anymore so he was advised to get a brand new printer with IAYC System installed, and he did. In addition, he also brought his other printer that prints very slowly and have it converted to IAYC System as well. Today, Isagani enjoys unlimited printing with his 2 now working printers.

Always Cheerful, Always IAYC By Mary Jane Ancheta

Mary Jane Ancheta works at Events Management Company and she always does paperwork and produces certificates together with her team. They always go to Ink All-You-Can whenever they got problems with their printers. And IAYC staffs never fail to assist them in resolving their printer issues as soon as possible. She’s glad that IAYC staffs are consistently cheerful and accommodating.

A Living Proof By Marimer Morales, Pampangga

Marimer Morales profession often requires her to print documents, photos, labels, IDs and more. Before, she used to refill her printer with original manufacturer’s cartridge in which she find later on to be very pricey. Having heard of INK All-You-Can’s 96% Savings offer, Marimer decided to convert her printer to an IAYC System and started saving a lot without risking the quality of her end products. Marimer is one of the living proofs that an IAYC System can save a printer user up to 96% of savings!

Simple Dedication, Extra Success By Mae Domingo

Mae Theresa Domingo, a dedicated wife from Tarlac City, started her own Internet Café with one unit of computer. After a few months of hard work, she was able to add 2 more computer units and also added printing services. She worried on the ink cost she’s spending for her small business and wanted to have an alternative solution to cut her printing expenses and offer more affordable price to her customers. Mae discovered INK All-You-Can and quickly purchased a printer package. From then on, she was able to save money, earned more and offer affordable printing price to her customers.

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