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As seen in Business Mirror, Tuesday, July 9, 2013 – Digital Life

GONE are the days when printing documents and pictures would cost an arm and a leg. Thanks to a company like Ink All-You-Can, a continuous ink supply system provider, you can have multiple copies of documents and have high-quality photographs right before your eyes.

“It was very costly before to print using computer printers. The price of both color and black ink cartridges would almost equal that of the price of your brand new printer,” says Nelson Dizon, Ink All-You-Can’s head of marketing. A t that time, there were ink refilling stations that would cater to practical users but there would be hitches, like poor quality of ink refills and the dangers they pose to computer printers.

It was in October 2005 that the technology behind the Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) was introduced in the Philippines. “Soon enough, our people were able to learn the technology developed early that year and we brought it here. We were the first company to provide CISS in the Philippines,” adds Dizon.

Ink All-You-Can’s CISS can be used in most computer printer brands. “The advantage of using CISS is that one cartridge is equivalent to 40 cartridges or 400ml, or 100ml for each of the four colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Compared with buying ink refill cartridges by piece, you can save up to 96% in printing costs,” Dizon explains. “It practically brought down printing expenses from P2 per page to only 10 cents.” Users also don’t have to worry about the quality since Ink All-You-Can’s Ink Precision Technology makes sure that the ink is very comparable to the original ink used by these printer brands.

At the time CISS was introduced in 2005, there was some hesitation on the part of the buying public. After the customers saw the huge savings that they can get, the reception toward the new printing technology became warmer, especially for big users like school, companies and internet and computer shops, and even to personal users.

“Those who doubted the efficiency of the CISS has their worries thrown when they were able to produce themselves the effectiveness and usefulness of Ink All-You-Can’s technology.” In fact, many if these companies who used to rely on original ink and even refilled ink cartridges spent an average of P20, 000 a month. After investing on the CISS for their operations, their cost went down to only P1, 000 monthly.

Some of Ink All-You-Can’s major corporate clients include major mall and real estate developer, chain of hotels, Internet Cafes and an auditing firm, among others. They also have clients from the academe like private schools, colleges and universities, that print voluminous copies of documents, test papers and school-related handouts and lectures.

This year, Ink All-You-Can is introducing its new Ink All-You-Can Colors, a stylish on its most trusted product. “Ink All-You-Can Colors come in five stylish designs, making it more appealing when you have it attached to your printers,” Dizon says. Each of the designs would also make good collectible, while providing the same quality ink that its base of 100,000 customers have bought for many years now.

Ink All-You-Can is also opening its Unli-Ink Plans to businesses who would like to avail [yourself] of their ink services. “If you avail of any of our monthly subscription plans [starting at P3,000/month], we will provide you printers for rent. That also includes maintenance and unlimited ink. We also provide laser printer toner refill and management for those who want to avail them,” he added.

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