Are HP Printers Convertible to CISS?

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Most Filipinos use HP printers for their desktop printing mainly because of its printing speed and print quality.  No doubt, this is the reason why HP printers continue to become very popular among customers.  Sadly for these many people, every time they purchase original HP ink cartridges, their pockets got hurt... a lot.

So they often look for ways to save on ink but at the same time, maintain the print quality that they want.  They like the convenience of CISS (i.e. having all the ink that you need for months) so they try to bring their HP printers for conversion only to find out that HP printers are not convertible to Continuous Ink Supply system (CISS).  So many people ask why...

Well, HP cartridges now contain very little ink, approximately just around 3ml of ink for each color, except for black which may contain up to 10ml.  Unlike other printer brands like Canon or Epson, the foam inside HP ink cartridges simply cannot handle continuous printing and the volume of ink that a CISS have (approximately 100ml each color).  Because of this, HP conversions are not stable, with the tendency to produce mediocre printouts and ink leakages.


What to do?

Well, if you are really tired of buying expensive ink cartridges and you want the freedom to go print all you want, without fear of running out of ink, you may want to consider shifting to other printer brands like Canon.  Canon also prints fast and the quality is comparable to HP.  Plus, the big bonus is that it’s convertible to CISS – so you can go unlimited printing!

With just an initial investment of P6,000, you can get a brand new Canon Printer converted to Ink All-You-Can System with 100ml ink for each color, or a total of 400ml!  What most people don’t realize is that when you quantify that 400ml ink, it’s roughly equivalent to 38 HP cartridges FREE!


Try to check the computation below.  As they say, Mr. Excel doesn't lie...



As you can see in the computations above, you can easily get instant savings of P8,625.00 just by purchasing a printer package converted to Ink All-You-Can already.  And the savings doesn’t stop there!  Imagine every time you purchase the refill ink, which is only P250.00 per 100ml ink, the savings accumulate further. .. savings that you can use to buy other important things for your family.

If you really think about it, getting a new printer converted to CISS is a better option, than maintaining your HP printer and then not having the freedom to print all you want, all your life.  What do you think?


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