Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! Ink All-You-Can commemorates it’s Filipino roots

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Ink All-You-Can is a pure Filipino brand. And as a very popular saying goes, “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan." And what event showcases our Filipino roots than our very own Independence day.

Here in IAYC, we consider ourselves as members of a very big family, and what family is without any pasiklaban , and of course in a friendly sense. We encouraged our branches to have a contests within themselves, with a general theme of “Araw ng Kalayaan”. Each branch has been tasked to redecorate their stalls and spaces, for almost two weeks(June 1 – 12). And at the very special day itself, we have tasked them to wear their very own Kalayaan costume for the sake of celebration.

Of course, what is a competition without any winners and prizes?

Here are the top winners of the said contest:

Store Dress-Up contest

1st place: Ink All-You-Can SM Davao ( Branch head: Adrian Asma)

Showcasing wonderful printouts of our former presidents, it made us look back in our rich history. Great job IAYC Davao!


With elegant paint job and arrangement, IAYC Davao showcased their creative talents and our Filipino pride.

2nd place: Ink All-You-Can SM Masinag ( Branch head: Chister Santos)

Simplicity is always a beauty. Using just simple decorations and color palletes, IAYC Masinag made a proud statement.


3rd  place: Ink All-You-Can SM Sta. Rosa ( Branch head: Reynan Caputian)

Colorful strokes, impressive printouts and sun decorations make this our third pick for the best store dress up. 

We have considered the amount of effort needed to make those sun symbols, and it highly symbolizes the Filipino spirit.

Costume Winner:

Grand Winner – SM San Lazaro (Menchu Nastor)

We Congratulate Menchu for being to pull off that "saya" costume at work. A lot of our customers appreciated our effort for the special occasion as well!

The real essence of being a Filipino: Being in a family and community as one.

With the said event, we are reminded of the great essence of having freedom in our hands. We are very thankful for our cooperative employees and their camaraderie. Both the IAYC personnel and customers had  a great time with the fun and intuitive dress-ups and the way IAYC celebrates our Filipino roots. Not only do we give 101% customer service and satisfaction, but we also know how to celebrate meaningful events. 

Mabuhay from Ink All-You-Can!



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