Introducing the new member of Brother family, the Brother DCP-J100!

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Technology has come a long way. Gone are the days where everything is supersized and inefficient (Yes, we’re looking at you phones with antennas and big octopus wired computers). Most especially in the printing industry, Printing has gone a long way and has been very affordable and user friendly, without disregarding quality as well. From the early roots of dot matrix printers which made weird robot noises, to the now less clunky, all-in-one, efficient printer systems. Even your ordinary sari-sari stores upgraded their services because the industry has really evolved.

Printing has never been so easy, fast, and reliable.

Of course, here at Ink All-You-Can, we try our best to innovate and try our best to offer the best printers available. We aim at maximizing the best printers’ capability with our very own expertise and technology, the Continuous Ink Supply System.

Time to move forward!

We are proud to introduce the new Brother DCP-J100! The newest addition to our printer package lines is not only cost-efficient (Thanks to our CISS), but also packs high performance. With this feature loaded printer, not only you can print high-definition image prints, it also has a copier and scanner for all your utility needs.

A big spotlight is also needed with its Durable Piezo Print Head, which not only prints high quality images, but also helps minimize damage to the print head and helps the printing frenzy last for a very long time. Talk about saving repair costs!.

Fast printing has been a key demand for most users, which conveniently, the Brother DCP-J100 also has. Ramming it up with 11/6 ppm* ( pages per minute). No more waiting for long printing times! A big plus is that it also can hold 100 sheets in its tray, which means you don’t have to keep refilling the paper tray due to the fast printing it provides. It also sports an Automatic Document feeder, so no more filing and ordering problems as well.

Another feature worth mentioning is it has Wireless LAN and Mobile Printing capabilities. No more hassle with octopus wiring your laptop/desktop to your printing device. It’s both suitable for the office, and at home.

Oh, by the way, did we mention you can still print in black even though the other color cartridges has run out?


With all these features, anybody would wonder “Baka mahal naman yan?” But I’m sorry to inform you, you are incorrect. With the affordable price of P9,500 for the printer package, all printer users will be delighted that with all the jam-packed features, its insanely affordable! Get it now and save tons of money, time, and effort! Diba sulit!

Go to your nearest Ink All-You-Can branches for more details.


*11 for mono, 6 for colored prints

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