IAYC Releases Newest Jingle 'Limitless' by Christian Bautista

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Ink All-You-Can has been a leader for quality and performance in the ink refilling industry for years. Since then, IAYC has been delivering endless and limitless savings and excellent customer service to thousands of consumers in the Philippines.

Christian Bautista believes that IAYC is true to its promises. As the company that offers the VERY FIRST unlimited printing opportunity for Filipino consumer, the Asia’s romantic balladeer enveloped this character by creating a song that reflects unlimited possibilities. This newest, upbeat and inspirational jingle was written and performed by none other than himself.


I believe, I Can, I Will, I’ll do…

All these I know will come true

I give my all that is in me

‘Cause I know these will set me free.

Nothing can stop me,

(I’ll be what I wanna be)

Nothing can slow me down,

I am limitless… I am free… 

Listen to it by going to our homepage.

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