5 Things You Need to Know About KaINK Saver Card

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Over the years, Ink All-You-Can has been giving superb print quality and service to all our customers while saving huge discounts. And with over 20 branches nationwide, Ink All-You-Can aims for continuous excellence in providing our patrons with quality experience in any of our service. And as part of the celebration of our 10th year anniversary in the refillable ink industry, we formally introduce to you, the KaINK Saver Card!

The KaINK Saver Card is the Ink All-You-Can membership card program we offer to all our valued customers as our way to extend our sincerest gratitude to their patronage on our IAYC products and services.

KaINK Saver Card holders are entitled to exclusive privileges and perks. No need minimum purchase required to avail the discounts. Just present your KaINK Saver Card to any of our Ink All You Can branches nationwide.

Here are 5 things you need to know about KaINK Saver Card:

  1. KaINK Saver Card can be availed by all Ink All-You-Can customers and can be purchased for only P100.
  2. KaINK Saver Card holders are entitled to on-the-spot 10% DISCOUNT on all IAYC consumable products.
  3. KaINK Saver Card is transferable and is valid for 2 years.
  4. KaINK Saver Card holder is also entitled to the following perks:
    • Less Php 50.00 on cartridge refill, if the customer decides to refill black and colored at the same time.
    • Personalized electronic birthday greetings.
    • 50% off on Ink cartridge refill or bottled ink purchase on your birthday. Automatically, you will be receiving an electronic voucher that you need to print and present to any IAYC branches upon purchase, to avail the discount. This offer is valid only within 30 days.
    • Other exclusive member-only discounts/promos.

What are you waiting for? If you are a printer owner or planning to get your first one, KaINK Saver Card is a must card for you!


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