The Ink All-You-Can Refilling is an economical and nature-friendly way to recycle and extend the life of your original ink cartridges. For as low as P200.00 per refill, you can save as much as 60% when you refill with Ink-All-You-Can compared to buying original ink cartridges. It is perfect for light users, i.e. those who print few pages a week. We can refill almost all printer printer cartridges from HP, Epson, Canon, Brother and Lexmark Printers.

Key Advantages

  • Helps save our Mother Earth through re-using your cartridges
  • Get up to 70% savings versus repeatedly buying manufacturer cartridges
  • Avoid the inconvenience of trying to look for hard-to-find manufacturer cartridge

How Much You Can Save!

Black printP 2.50150-200P 0.101,500 - 2,50060%
Colored printP 5.00200 - 300P 0.202,000 - 3,00060%
4R printP 21.0050 - 100P 0.75500 - 1,00060%
A4 printP 75.0025 - 30P 3.00250 - 30060%

Ideal Users

The Ink System is ideal for homes and offices who only print few pages per week.  Though the cost per print is more expensive than a printer converted to Ink All-You-Can System (P1.00 vs. P0.10), it’s still a lot of savings compared to using original ink.

Some of ink refill users prefer it vs. converting their printer, especially in the following situations:
  1. The user only print few pages a week
  2. The user owns an HP printer or other printer which is not convertible to CISS
  3. he user is currently using original ink and wants to try the quality of the ink first before finally having his/her printer converted to Ink All-You-Can
  4. The user is still saving some money to invest for the printer conversion


The prices of Ink All-You-Can System ranges from P250 – P350, depending on your printer cartridge model. Also note that not all cartridges can be refilled with Ink All-You-Can. Please check the Printer Compatibility page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When the ink inside the cartridges runs empty, your printer will prompt you to change the cartridge. Bring the cartridge right away to any of our branch and we'll refill the ink inside your cartridge. If your cartridge is already clogged, we'll try to declog it using our ultrasonic cleaner. After the necessary tests to make sure that the refill is successful, we will return the cartridge to you so you can go back to your printing jobs. It's that simple!

    Need more information? See how the Ink Refill works

  2. So when is the best time to have the cartridges refilled? It’s best to have cartridges refilled right after they become empty. This increases the chance of the cartridge being refilled successfully. Leaving the cartridges empty for an extended period of time causes the ink remaining in the cartridge to dry up which can cause the printhead to clog. Likewise, using the empty cartridge can burn the printhead beyond repair. 
  3. How many times can the cartridges be refilled?

    Inkjet cartridges can normally be refilled around 1 - 3 times, on the average. However, we have already refilled cartridges more than 10 times and the printout is still as good as the original. The key is really taking care of the cartridges properly and using a top quality ink used by Ink All-You-Can.

    So why can't cartridges be refilled indefinitely? The cartridges are really built by the printer manufacturers as disposal, i.e., good for one use only. What Ink All-You-Can does is TRYING TO EXTEND the life of the cartridge by refilling it with topmost quality ink. As with other things, the cartridge will wear off and get damaged after some time of continued usage.

  4. Will the ink refill damage my printer?

    Ink refilling in itself will NOT DAMAGE printers. However, there are two major factors which can potentially cause printer damage. First is using low-quality ink which has residues that can clog printerheads. The other major factor is when the ink refiller does not have the necessary technical training and expertise in refilling cartridges.

    With INK All-You-Can, you can be assured that we only use top quality inks because we only use inks powered with Ink Precision Technology (IPT). In addition, our staffs have undergone rigorous training to make sure that they know the best way of refilling printer cartridges so you are in good hands.

    However, it is also important to note that the printer is subject to wear and tear, just like any other thing that we have. That means, the more we use it, the more it gets damaged and the closer it gets to the end of its service life. Think of it like you have 2 cars, one for personal use every now and then, and the other used as taxi for 24 hours 7 days a week. Which one do you think will break down first? You may have bought it at the same time, from the same supplier and perhaps maintaining it the same way but most likely, the taxi will be first to get damaged simply because of the high number of kilometers it ran.

    The same is true for printers. Before you used ink refills, you probably printed just a few pages per week (because the ink is soooo expensive). But now, you print all-you-want so the printer is like a taxi running at full capacity. Thus, in less than a year, perhaps it will already show signs of fatigue and eventually will suggest to you that you give him the rest he needed, coz he has given you his full service by printing thousands of pages and in the process, you've saved thousands of pesos from using the Ink All-You-Can Refills...

    Read more FAQs about Ink Cartridge Refill.

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