Ink All-You-Can System

The Ink All-You-Can System or more commonly known as Continuous Ink System (CIS) is a cartridge technology that provides constant ink flow to the printer from a set of external tanks. Unlike ordinary cartridges that contain only around 10ml of ink, the Continuous Ink System holds 100ml of ink per color or 10X more ink compared to expensive original cartridges.

The IAYC Ink System is ideal for heavy users, i.e. those students, offices, and printing businesses that produce multiple prints per day. It can slash the cost of print from P2.50 down to P0.10 per page or up to 96% savings!

Key Advantages

  • Say goodbye to expensive cartridges and save up to 96% on your ink & printing cost!
  • Enjoy 10X more ink so no more “low on ink” warning
  • No more messy cartridges that usually leak ink in your hands

How Much You Can Save!

Black printP 2.50150-200P 0.101,500 - 2,50096%
Colored printP 5.00200 - 300P 0.202,000 - 3,00096%
4R printP 21.0050 - 100P 0.75500 - 1,00096%
A4 printP 75.0025 - 30P 3.00250 - 30096%

Ideal Users

The Ink System is ideal for students, offices, internet cafes, and printing businesses that print multiple pages per day. It can slash the cost of print from P2.50 down to P0.10 per page or up to 96% savings!


The prices of Ink All-You-Can System ranges from P3,000 – P3,500, depending on your printer model. Also note that not all printers can be converted to Ink All-You-Can. Please check the Printer Compatibility (LINK to printer compatibility page) page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the continuous ink system work?

    The large external ink tanks continually feed the cartridges with ink through silicon feed tubes. It works like your water tank attached to your water dispenser. The cartridges remain in place permanently in your printer and all you have to do is simply refill the external ink tanks before they become empty. The refilling process is so easy such that you don't need to pay a refilling station to do it for you that's why you can save up to 96% on your printing cost. See how the Continuous Ink System (CISS) works.
  2. What is included in the Continuous Ink System?

    The INK All-You-Can System includes the following:
    1. Dual-Protection Ink Tanks Dual Protection Ink Tanks Our Ink tanks do not break easily and the constant pressure promotes quality printing all the time
    2. 400ml IPT Inks ink Precision Technology (iPT) dye inks We only use inks powered by IPT, that's why the printout is comparable to original cartridges.   In addition, our inks do not form any residue which causes printhead clogging.
    3. Highly flexible silicon tubes Ultraflex Technology for silicon tubes We only use Ultraflex silicon tubes technology which allows smoother movement of cartridges during printing, without blocking the path of the printerhead.
    4. Six Months Warranty Documented Warranty Form We offer full six (6) months of Real Warranty Service with every purchase of ink system! We will cover both parts and service within the warranty period for FREE. Other ink players only offer pseudo warranty (i.e. claiming the printer manufacturer’s warranty as their own) and without any documented warranty form.
    5. Lifetime Service Serialized Ink System for Lifetime Service We are the only company who offer serialized CISS for easier monitoring of our Lifetime Service Guarantee. Each serial number is activated upon purchase and is automatically enrolled to our Lifetime Service Guarantee. Just bring your ink system to any branch near you, and have our technical experts fix it for you at no extra cost. In case some printer parts need to be replaced, you only pay for the parts and the labor is absolutely FREE.
  3. Will the continuous ink system damage my printer?

    Continuous ink system in itself will NOT DAMAGE printers. However, there are two major factors which can potentially cause printer damage.  First is using low-quality ink which has residues that can clog printerheads. The other major factor is when the ink system is improvised and does not have safety features such air filters and leak-free cartridges.

    With INK All-You-Can, you can be assured that we only use top quality inks and our INK All-You-Can System is specifically designed to have the necessary features to minimize the risk of printer damage. Further, our supplier has successfully passed ISO9001 (2000) Certification and each INK All-You-Can system is 100% tested to ensure the best quality you deserve.

    However, it is also important to note that the printer is subject to wear and tear, just like any other thing that we have.  That means, the more we use it, the more it gets damaged and the closer it gets to the end of its service life.  Think of it like you have 2 cars, one for personal use every now and then, and the other used as taxi for 24 hours 7 days a week.  Which one do you think will break down first?  You may have bought it at the same time, from the same supplier and perhaps maintaining it the same way but most likely, the taxi will be first to get damaged simply because of the high number of kilometers it ran.

    The same is true for printers.  Before you had Continuous Ink System, you probably printed just a few pages per week since original inks are expensive.  But now, you print all-you-want so the printer is like a taxi running at full capacity.  Thus, in less than a year, perhaps it will already show signs of fatigue and eventually will suggest to you that you give him the rest he needed, coz he has given you his full service by printing thousands of pages and in the process, you've already saved thousands of pesos from using the Ink All-You-Can System.

    Read more FAQs about Ink All-You-Can System.

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