How Printer Toner Refill Works

Do you remember the time when cellphones were first introduced to us? It sure made us all excited but at the same time, a little nervous because it’s a new technology that we still isn’t familiar with. After some time, we get the hang of it and the more we used it, the more we realized how much valuable the product is. In fact, we couldn’t anymore imagine a life without it…

The toner refill is also a new technology aimed at letting people save on printer consumables. Most people also get nervous when they hear it. They think it’s too complicated to understand. That’s why here at Ink All-You-Can, we spend ample time educating our customers about our product and services. We came up with the diagram below to hopefully explain in plain terms how the printer toner refill works. When you come to know it, it’s just as easy as A for Apple and B for boy…


The toner cartridge is just like your favorite coffee refill. Unlike ink cartridge where it uses ink to print on paper, toner cartridges use powder (called toner powder) to print. When you print, the toner powder is heated and attached to the bond paper to form the images that you want. 


Unfortunately, the cartridge can only carry a small amount of powder good for a few thousands of printing. So after for a while, the powder inside the cartridge runs out.


What can you do then if you want to print more pages? Well printer manufacturers tell us to throw away the cartridge and buy a new one (so they can make more money), even when the other parts of cartridge are still working properly. If you want to save, good thing there's Ink All-You-Can toner refill.


The printer toner refill works just like refilling your coffee powder. Instead of buying a new one with container (which is more expensive), we can only buy a refill pack. Thus, Ink All-You-Can uses a technology to refill the toner inside the cartridge, without damaging the delicate parts of the cartridge.
Refilling is a delicate process because the cartridge needs to be cleaned thoroughly and each small part inside the cartridge should be inspected to make sure that they are still good for another round of printing. Otherwise, the refill might be unsuccessful and the cartridge may not work anymore.


After putting in the toner powder, every small part should be returned into their respective places. The cartridge will work like new and you can now print more pages using your old cartridge. You saved money and at the same time, helped our environment! Isn't that awesome?!

Important Note:
After 1 or 2 refills, the printer drum and other parts inside the toner cartridge will wear out, just like all other things which undergo normal wear and tear. When this time comes, you have to buy a new cartridge. When the new cartridge becomes empty, you can also have it refilled for 1-2 times before buying a new cartridge again.

Getting an ink refill is just like making your phone “open line.” Before Ink All-You-Can, printer users don’t have any choice but to use the expensive original cartridges. It’s as if their printers are “locked” to the printer manufacturers’ original cartridges. But now, using Ink All-You-Can unlocks your printer and opens the line for savings and convenience, without sacrificing print quality.

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