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Frequently Ask Question

Ink System

  • Do I need to bring the printer when I buy the Ink All-You-Can System?
  • Yes, we advise that you bring the printer to our store when you purchase the Ink All-You-Can System. That way, we can check the printer first before installing the ink system and at the same time, you can be assured that the right installation process will be followed.

    We also offer installation at the convenience of your home or office. Simply call us and we'll be delighted to serve you.

  • What are the types of ink and what ink is being used by the CIS?
  • There are generally 2 types of ink, dye and pigment.

    • DYE INK - Dye inks are water-based and are compatible with most printers. The downside is that they tend to have weak longevity ratings and have poor UV resistance.
    • PIGMENT – Pigment inks are common ink black inks but less common in color inks. Most Canon, HP, and Lexmark printers use a Pigment for the Black text cartridges in their 4-color printers. Epson Durabrite printers, on the other hand, are the only printers that use pigment inks for both black and colored inks. This type of ink has strong longetivity rating and fade resistance. Downside is that this type of ink dries quickly and may cause printheads to clog.Our INK All-You-Can System uses dye ink. We can also use pigment ink for Epson Durabrite printers if the customer requests.
  • Is the INK All-You-Can System available for laser printers, dot matrix or large format printers?
  • No, the INK All-You-Can Sytem is only available in Epson inkjet printers. Dot matrix, laser printers or large format printers are not compatible with the Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS).
  • How sensitive is the printer to the ink level in the reservoir bottles?
  • Your printer will operate properly as long as you keep the bottles at the same level as the printer. The padding in the cartridges creates a nice pressure buffer so that the printer is able to operate with various ink levels in the bottles. If you raise the bottles up to a higher level, you run a risk of ink pooling on the paper. Keeping the ink way below the print head (by elevating the printer) does not influence the quality of the print, but may require a clean cycle after prolonged sitting since the ink may be pulled out of the nozzles slightly due to the negative pressure.

    In normal operation with the bottles sitting next to the printer, you will experience the same great print quality no matter what the level of ink in the reservoir bottles. In fact the print quality should be equal to what you get with a fresh, full cartridge all the time. (Normal cartridges tend to degrade in quality as the ink level drops).

    It is advisable to refill the ink tanks before the ink reaches the critical level. Try to make a habit of glancing at the bottles from time to time. You should get more than a dozen sets of cartridges worth of ink from the INK All You Can System so this isn't something you will have to do frequently. When you refill the bottles, do not fill them all the way up to the brim. Fill only to within 1 inch of the bottle cap. Visit tech support page to get more details about how to refill your INK All-You-Can System.

  • Will the product void my printer's warranty?
  • Although using non-original cartridges does not really damage a printer, printer manufacturers generally attribute any printer defect to the use of non-original cartridges. This is because printer companies are trying to lock the consumers in buying their very expensive cartridges for selfish reasons. Thus, they void the printer warranty if they find out that the customer uses refilled or non-original cartridges.

    The good news is that the savings that you will get from using the INK All-You-Can System is more than enough for you to buy as many printers as you want.

  • Will a continuous ink system damage my printer?
  • Continuous ink system in itself will not damage printers. However, there are two major factors which can potentially cause printer damage. First is using low-quality ink which has residues that can clog printerheads. The other major factor is when the ink system is improvised and does not have safety features such air filters and leak-free cartridges.

    With INK All-You-Can, you can be assured that we only use top quality inks and our INK All-You-Can System is specifically designed to have the necessary features to minimize the risk of printer damage. Further, our supplier has successfully passed ISO9001 (2000) Certification and each INK All-You-Can system is 100% tested to ensure the best quality you deserve.

Ink Refill

  • How is the output of the INK All-You-Can compared to original cartridges?
  • Our print quality is comparable to original cartridges. In some instances, our print quality is even noted by our customers as having better quality compared to original cartridges.
  • What sets INK All-You-Can Apart from other refilling stations?
  • UNLIKE other refilling stations which use generic ink for all cartridges, INK All-You-Can is using a brand-specific ink designed for each printer manufacturer. As a result, customers can expect true color printouts from our top-quality inks. In addition, we’ve learned the proper techniques to refill cartridges with minimal intrusion, thereby increasing the life of the cartridges.
  • What inkjet cartridges can you refill?
  • INK All-You-Can can refill all cartridges from major inkjet printer manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon, Brother, and Lexmark.


  • Is INK All-You-Can open for franchise?
  • Yes, INK All-You-Can is open for franchise to those interested entrepreneurs who share our vision and corporate values.  We are especially looking for interested franchisees outside Metro Manila where we hope to serve more customers in the provinces.
  • Who is responsible for finding the location?
  • The key to a successful business is finding the right location for the business. Normally, franchisees set-up their business in their hometown or in a place where they are very familiar with. Thus, the franchisee can be the best person to scout for a suitable location because he/she knows the business area better than anyone. INK All-You-Can, of course, will provide guidance and tips on finding the suitable location for the business and then will evaluate the proposed location if it meets the company standards.

    In some cases, we can also help the franchisee scout for a suitable location if they are located in Metro Manila or nearby areas or if the business will be located inside Malls where INK All-You-Can have already developed business relationships with.

  • Where is the business and technical training going to be held and how long?
  • The business and technical training will be held at the main office of INK All-You-Can in Pasig City. We will also have time to visit some of our branches in Metro Manila to expose you to the real operation of the business. Interested franchisees from Visayas and Mindanao will have to fly in to Manila for the training.

    We try our best to make sure that each franchisee is properly trained before they are allowed to operate. Thus, our total training takes seven (7) days. This already includes the technical training, sales and operations training, and an immersion to one of our branches.

  • How many staffs do I need to run the Ink All-You-Can business?
  • You can start the business with a minimum of two (2) staffs. However, when the business picks up and more customers are patronizing the products, you should be ready to add more staffs to avoid jeopardizing the growth of your business or minimize the risk of deteriorating customer service which the company highly values.
  • How soon can I open my business?
  • Once you decide to franchise Ink All-You-Can and pass the necessary requirements, you will be on your way to financial freedom and will be ready to open your own INK All-You-Can Franchise in as short as one (1) month. This assumes though that you already have a ready location for the business and staffs that we can train.
  • Where can I get more information about the franchise package?
  • Once you decide to franchise Ink All-You-Can and pass the necessary requirements, you will be on your way to financial freedom and will be ready to open your own INK All-You-Can Franchise in as short as one (1) month. This assumes though that you already have a ready location for the business and staffs that we can train.
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