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Canon Philippines is an imaging company with an extensive product line of input and output devices. It provides services that augment these products resulting in a complete imaging solution for both corporate and individual customers. Guided by its kyosei philosophy that focuses on “living and working together for the common good”, Canon consistently integrates good relations with customers, communities and also with the environment. Its goal is to contribute to global prosperity and well-being of the individual which will lead to continuing growth.

As a digital imaging company, Canon produces world class printers and multifunction. Expect brilliant, lab-quality photos with their lineup of high speed compact printers designed for high print performance. INK All-You-Can can you hook you up with useful Canon printer for your home or office use.


Having a Canon printer is like having manna from heaven. All available Canon printers work excellent with IAYC System conversion and refill. And since finding a Canon brand of printer is as easy as finding a brand of shampoo, we give Canon an astounding 5-star rate. In addition, Canon printers have a built-in printer head in its cartridge. Printer head or printhead is the part of printer that makes contact to the paper for the actual printing process. This means, when your printer head breaks down, all you have to do is buy a new cartridge. This is an absolute advantage unlike other printer brands where you will most likely have to purchase a brand new unit when the printer head collapsed.

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