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For more than a century, Brother has won recognition as a brand synonymous with delivering product innovation & customer satisfaction. A Japanese company founded in 1908, it has rich history spanning more than a century and has grown from humble beginnings into a diversified multinational corporation. Brother International Philippines Corporation is one of the sales subsidiaries of Brother International Singapore, Pte. Ltd. Incorporated in the Philippines in 2000, Brothers today manages an extensive network of provincial offices in the following areas as well as an extensive network of distributors and resellers throughout the country.


Brother is another IAYC-System-and-ink-refill-friendly brand of printer. We can say that among printer brands that we cater, Brothers’ printers boast on its biggest waste ink pad producing the ideally most durable printers in the market. Waste ink pad (or waste tank for some) is the sponge-like pad inside your printer that absorbs literal ink waste including overspray during borderless printing, printing when in paper jams, etc. Usually the vast majority of ink is from the cleaning cycles when the printer literally sucks ink from the nozzles of the printhead. You can imagine that after lots of print cycles quite a bit of ink is left inside the printer. The only reason why Brothers didn’t hit the perfect score on our review is that when its printhead no longer works, the only remaining option is for you to purchase a new one, and getting a new printhead is like buying a brand new printer. Costly much.

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