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The company traces its humble beginnings in 2005 when it started as a home-business selling. Ink All-You-Can Systems or more commonly known as Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS). Back then, the CISS Technology was relatively new in the country and Ink All-You-Can became one of the pioneers who introduced the benefits of the product to the Filipinos.

The overwhelming response from customers triggered the business to grow faster than expected. In a limited span of time, more and more customers who have tried the product became "product ambassadors" especially when they experienced first-hand, that the product really delivered what it promised -- good quality inks at more affordable prices. At last, consumers can now enjoy the freedom from the bondage of expensive original cartridges.

By the end of 2006, the company became a full-fledged corporation known as SimpleLife Technologies, Inc. (SLTI). Soon, the company expanded in SM Supermalls including branches in SM City San Lazaro, SM City Fairview, SM City North Edsa, and SM Mall of Asia. As a result, Ink All-You-Can quickly became a household name in the alternative printer ink consumables industry.

Today, the company is proud to give employment to more than 80 people – the dedicated men and women of Ink All-You-Can. Through its continuous effort to improve its products and services, along with unparalleled customer service, Ink All-You-Can hopes to touch the lives of more people throughout the country.

Our Mission

SimpleLife Technologies Inc. (SLTI) aims to provide cost-effective computer and printer technology to its customers. Our products and services will help customers get more value for their money and enable them to live a simpler life. We will provide aspiring entrepreneurs great opportunities to set-up their own business by sharing with them the business and offering affordable packages where they can adopt the company's business model. Our company will be able to provide career opportunities to deserving and dedicated employees and help generate livelihood and employment for our fellow countrymen.

Our Vision

SimpleLife Technologies Inc. (SLTI) will be the country's pioneer supplier and most-trusted provider of value-adding computer and printer solutions. We will be recognized for our unique and value-adding products and excellent dedication of our great team.

Core Values

Every man and woman of the Company lives by the following CORE VALUES, simply known as SIMPOLTO

These values are the foundation of the Company which also bond us and guide each step that we make as we climb the highest mountain together and reach for our goal to be NO.1 in this industry!


  • Lives by the mindset that we need or costumers more than they need us
  • Delivers unbelievable service experience to our customers
  • Builds EBA with customers at “every opportunity available”


  • Goes beyond the accepted areas to find new ways to make things better
  • Creates solutions that meet the customer needs better than competition
  • Welcomes competition and learn from them as well as from our own successes and failures


  • Aims to be the best in their area of responsibility
  • Delivers excellent work all the time
  • Gets updated on the new developments and converts new knowledge into practical application


  • Acts on the principle that employees will always be our most important asset
  • Provides training to help employees perform at their best
  • Builds a fun organization and rewards people based on their contributions and performance


  • Treats each company asset as his own
  • Fosters discipline in workplace
  • Accepts personality accountability to meet business objectives


  • Commits to deliver outstanding results
  • Gets a clear vision of where are we going and what we need to do
  • Executes plans right away


  • Trusts the skills and intentions of the company and fellow employees
  • Build trust by always trying to do the right thing
  • Always operates within the bounds of the company policies


  • Exhibits “Can Do” positive attitude
  • Believes that things happen for the better
  • Shares positive image about the company and its people
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